Paying attention to different types of needs and business goals in today’s world, Iran building material Company designs and organizes tours that these tours can help you. The specialized team of this company tries to satisfy all your needs for traveling to Iran. Let’s talk about the activities of this company :

  • * The first step to traveling to Iran is to obtain an Iranian visa. Iran building material Company has a special section for visa issues, which provides professional services in the field of visa issuance and helps you to get your visa as quickly as possible. The Iran building material Company team assures you that your visa will be ready for you to travel to Iran without any hassle.

  • * The second step after solving the visa problem is hotel reservation in Iran and using the help of a translator. This Iranian company has a partnership with the best and most reputable Iranian hotels, and by contacting these hotels, it can prepare the most suitable one’s for you. We offer you a list of the best Iranian hotels, all of which are categorized according to different cities. All you need to do is select the hotel with the right features from the list so that we can complete the booking process for you. Note that hotel prices may vary depending on the hotel level and season.

  • * The third step of the company’s services is related to your transportation. Iran building material Company has a very wide range of different cars with the best quality. If you need to rent a car, we assure you that all drivers working in this company are fully qualified and can drive on the roads and highways of Iran without any problems. These people, in addition to having excellent driving skills, also have skills in car repair. We can also book train, bus, and plane tickets for you as needed. Please note that daily transportation from the hotel to your destination and vice versa.

Business Travel

In some cases, travelers may experience various injuries and illnesses during their own journey, and as a result, having travel insurance is very important to be able to avoid staggering costs. Iranbuildingmaterial Company offers a wide variety of programs for travelers from around the world, so you, as the person who uses our services, have many options to choose from. In addition, the company is an expert in the field of business meetings.  The company has long-term relationships with a very wide range of different organizations and associations. Our team has already prepared many business tours for different groups of traders in various fields such as food, health, advanced technology, medicine and more. Some of the services that are provided in this field are as follows:

Performing different types of tours to visit various exhibitions, fixing appointments for commercial meetings, conferences and seminars, finding different types of representatives or partners of companies for your business purposes, arranging highly specialized tours such as visiting specialized sites related to your activity.

We also use VIP services for our customers. If you are interested in these services, you can use them. All the services that we have already mentioned to you have the ability to be provided as a VIP. All you need to know is that you want to use these services, everything will be available to you in a few seconds and all the facilities that you may need during the trip will be provided by our company. Our customers’ satisfaction has always been important to us, so we try to provide them with the best facilities and the highest quality services. By sending your request, you can leave all zero to one hundred activities to our team and have your desired tours in Iran. It is enough to inform us of your need, Iranbuildingmaterial Company has a lot of knowledge and ability in performing its duty. You can contact us for more information.