Ceramic tile industry in Iran

ceramic tiles

Iran is known as one of the largest producers of ceramic tiles in the region. Unparalleled reserves in various mines of the country, very low energy prices compared to other countries and support for local producers, has significantly increased Iran’s production capacity in the field of ceramic tiles and has provided the basis for exporting this product to different countries.

In spite of the sanctions, the export volume of this product stands currently at about $400 million a year. In 2016, the export of about $400 million worth of ceramic tiles to 69 prestigious countries in the world made Iran the largest hub of ceramic tiles production in the region.

There are numerous companies active in the field of production and distribution of Iranian ceramic tiles and most of them have brilliant records in this field.

Moreover, the use of the best and state-of-the-art manufacturing tools has led to the qualitative growth of Iranian products. In the following, we will introduce some of the best and most reputable companies that produce ceramic tiles in Iran:

Top manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Iran

Many large and established companies are active in the field of ceramic tiles production in Iran, all boasting of a great reputation and desirable quality.

Here, we will mention only 8 of these top manufacturers:

Tabriz Ceramic Tiles

Tabriz company is one of the most reputable and largest manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Iran.

Tabriz has been one of the most active companies in this field since 1995. The production capacity of 10 million square meters of high-quality ceramic tiles, and cooperation with reputable Spanish companies in the field of specialized anti-wear floor tiles, has made this company famous in the international arena.

Currently, Tabriz Ceramic Tiles Co. exports its products to countries such as Germany, Austria, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and many neighboring countries.


Takceram Manufacturing Company is one of the most reputable manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Iran, which offers a great variety of ceramic products to the market.

Operating since 1995, Tekceram has been known as the first manufacturer of granite tiles in the Middle East and currently produces a variety of granite and glazed porcelain tiles in a wide variety of sizes and designs. High antacid properties and low moisture absorption are the defining features of this brand.

Apadana Ceram

Apadana Ceram Production Complex has been around as the largest ceramic tiles manufacturer in Iran since 2002.

Apadana Ceram Co. uses the most advanced technologies in the world to produce various types of kitchen ceramic tiles and its products are divided into three categories: double-fired tiles, unglazed porcelain tiles (granite tiles) and glazed porcelain tiles.

With an annual production capacity of 30 million square meters of ceramic tiles in three separate phases, Apadana Ceram Co. is known as one of the largest ceramic tile production complexes in the world.

Persian Kashi

persian kashi  Production Company has been operating since 2010 as one of the most reputable producers of high-quality Iranian ceramic tiles, boasting of the latest European manufacturing technologies in compliance with CE standards.

The company’s products are exported to several countries, including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman and Iraq.

The strong resistance of the company’s products to abrasion has made it a good choice for covering the floors of busy places such as airports, hotels and large companies.

Almas Kavir Yazd Mahsram Company

Yazd Mahceram is undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands of ceramic tiles in Iran. This company has been operating since 1997.

Yazd Mahsram Company is the first factory to produce nano super polished porcelain ceramic tiles in Iran, which offers its quality products also to the international market.

Marjan Tiles Company

Marjan is another reputable ceramic tile company in Iran, which has been producing various types of construction ceramic tiles since 1992.

The great variety of its products, from polished and semi-polished porcelain tiles to luxury tiles, and from various types of industrial anti-acid tiles to light-transmitting tiles, has brought fame to this brand all over Iran.

In addition to Iran, Marjan Tile Co. also offers its products in various Asian and European countries.

Persepolis Tiles

Persepolis Ceramic Tiles Plant has been operating in Yazd since 2007. The products of this company are produced under the supervision of Italian experts, using the most modern equipment in the world, and are offered to different countries in the international market. Great variety of the products, high quality, a high production capacity and high international standards, are among key defining features of Persepolis’ ceramic tiles.

Pars Tiles

Pars Tiles Co. is one of the oldest brands of ceramic tiles in Iran.

Operating since 1977, Pars has been the first producer of double-fired ceramic tiles in Iran.

After updating its factory equipment, Pars began operating in three extensive phases. A production capacity of 2 million square meters of double-fired tiles, 3.5 million square meters of glazed porcelain tiles, and 1 million square meters of polished porcelain tiles, has make Pars one of the oldest and largest companies in the industry.

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